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I had to post my review of Anne Magurran’s ‘Measuring Biological Diversity’ and hope it adds value to understanding and rolling out strategic objectives for Te Arawa Biological Diversity. I found the book highlighted many concepts and good reasons to conserve our biological diversity. It also helped to quantify and interpret patterns of ecological and biological diversity, focusing on the measurement and estimation of species richness and abundance. So it is an outstanding introduction for anyone concerned in looking at analyzing and interpreting data on the diversity of species in their natural biological habitats, marine as well as terrestrial. It is well written, clear and concise for a student like myself as well as for the professionals and specialized amateurs.

Before you go out and buy this quality book you have to have a little background knowledge about ecology to make good use of the concepts in the book. It has a significant number of concepts and a lot of statistical and numerical formulas to calculate dissimilar types of diversity. It is mainly for ecology of plants and animals, but potentially you can modify some of the concepts to include microbial ecology. To make this easier Anne Magurran has included a number of worked examples of the key methods to help readers to understand the techniques.

To sum up this is really a great starter and there is a wealth of information coming from Anne Magurran as a renown world scientist and a leader in this field. She has written other material so if you want to know more follow this link. Enjoy.


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