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There are a number of environmental organisations and many individual eccentrics who go about saving the planet and are more than often accused as false soothsayers being all doom and gloom. If its not an area of rainforest in the South Americas being lost, it is melting ice caps and fear of rising sea levels.

Where do these messages of saving the planet come from? scholars may argue that indigenous first nation people from all corners of the globe tell of spiritual connections and living in harmony and if this state of harmony is broken chaos exists. If you can believe that then it is plausible that world leaders can secure hope and confidence that together we will can win.

Well government leaders have met for the tenth occasion this meeting held October 2010 in Japan to ratify the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)since the Earth Summit held in Rio back in 1992. If you can think back then New Zealand played a role not only convincing New Zealand but other countries that the patient is dying and serious medical help is required. Oh and not forgetting that the United States of America has yet to align itself with countries who had set some realistic goals and objectives to reduce their legacy of industrial harm and other emissions on the patient.

But you got to feel for the 1980’s earth campaigners who have been dealt an empty hand as their aspirations of success in taking tangible steps through the introduction of the CBD in 1992. Adding salt to the wound on the 22nd September 2010 UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon warned government leaders “that the 2010 deadline for substantially reducing the rate of biodiversity loss would not be met”.

Hindsight has advantages and looking back governments who are party to the CBD took over a decade to decide on 2010 targets for biodiversity conservation, with agreement finally being reached in 2002. They even set up initiatives like a clock “Countdown 2010” to encourage the biodiversity conservation targets into reality. They is an operative word that I must insert here they forget to mention “try”. They listed 13 “milestones” over the last decade and government leaders realised that their words and commitments were no nearer to halting a reversing biodiversity loss than they were ten years ago.

Where to from here back to the drawing board I hope not if change is to occur it has to start with communities made of real people who do care.


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